Stair Treads Non-Slip Strips for Indoors Clear Safety Anti Slip Stair Grips for Wood Floors to Prevent Slippery Surfaces 15 PEVA Non Skid Tape. (4×24)

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With our pre-cut 24 x 4-inch long Anti-Skid Safety Stair Treads, you now have a simple solution to protect your family from slipping while walking up and down the steps.


  1. It is an affordable and easy way to prevent slipping and falling.
  2. Easy to clean and no upkeep of the treads required. 
  3. Unlike other Indoor Stair Treads on the market, our strips are long-lasting and blend with any color surface.
  4. Treads can be used on any flat and smooth slippery surface, in dry and wet conditions to prevent any slipping or falling in hazardous areas. Such as showers, bathtubs, bathrooms, and staircases in and outside of the home.
  5. Our treads are waterproof and will withstand getting wet.


ECO FRIENDLY – PEVA based material, safe for pets, adults, and children.

EASY AND LONG LASTING – Easy to apply and won’t peel off when following our easy installation instructions.

TRANSPARENT – Clear color, treads will hardly be visible on your surface.

COMFORTABLE – The texture of our treads allows for amazing grip while providing comfort on your feet.

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